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"Somebody needs to tell Bill Clinton that his repeal of Glass Steagall sucked over 100 million families into the Wall Street mortgage corruption scheme. We're a long way from fixing the damage he caused."

                      From the Blog:  Deadly Clear

04-01-2019  In order to leave this post in the archives, I need to update it.  When I wrote this I was trying to decide which was the least awful of the choices for president.  I generally use only one example to rule out Hillary Clinton.  As the secretary of state for President Obama (who along with his attorney general Eric Holder managed to go 8 years without mentioning MORTGAGE FRAUD.) Hillary gave 3 speeches to executives of Wall Street titan Morgan Stanley.  Hillary was paid $677,000 by Morgan Stanley for those 3 speeches.  Which gives us a simple example of just what "money laundering is.  What could Hillary have said in those speeches that made them worth over $200,000 per speech?  So, it could only have been money to encourage her to help the big investment bank/brokers get along with the government.  You know, they must have been bribes.  But Hillary billed them as speaking fees and paid the taxes (or really listed them as income against loss).  Ta da. Squeaky clean money.  I don't want you to believe that I like either party, so I must tell you, that I believed before he ran against Hillary that Don Trump was a criminal son of a bitch with the biggest head that I have ever seen hold steady on a pair of shoulders.

My dilemma was that Hillary was too slick.  That speech fee thing, man.  I knew that she could hide whatever she shoved into the back of the American taxpayer.  She was smart and sneaky.

Don T' I believed would tell on himself at every wrong turn he took.  I thought he might try all the dastardly tricks that he saw the Wall Street guys use.  I believed he would peel back the veil for us all to see just how corrupt our government was.

I didn't vote for either.  I voted for my wife Andrea.  I made her my write-in ballot.  She was smarter, prettier (I don't mean to say that Don isn't pretty) funnier, nicer, and more honest than either of them.  Typical USA, Hillary got more votes and Don won the electoral college (I am just sure he could not have gone to college).  Wow.  I never saw that coming. 

Hillary would most assuredly have piled up a fortune. (Obama did, but nobody hardly believes it, but he did).  But, Don, OMG, he has spent two years trying to pull off a coup 'd tat of the American government.  I am not kidding.  If you have not read "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" which looks big and hard to read, you should read it.  I don't think he did it on purpose because I understand he can't read books, but he is following that exact path of Adolf Hitler as Hitler slowly and with great dishonesty consolidate his power until there was no other power.

I didn't realize that Don Trump would scare the living daylights out of me by diluting the constitution in ways no one would have ever dreamed.  Andrea would never have done that.

So with that update below please find the kind of campaign contributors which is beneath either of our despicable parties.  

I dug this up in 2015-16 back when I thought Congress was just very dishonest.  Now, I believe that would be a flattering comment.

I am posting two articles concerning Hillary and Bill Clinton's Wall Street ties.  I am not advocating for or against anyone (mostly because there is no one in the picture I would choose) but, I believe the Clinton's have and will again sell American taxpayers out.

The below is information I think you may need to know before making choices in November.

by Danny Hammond 

I am not advocating for, or against anyone.  I want to vote "no" on Super-PAC fundraising and I don't want to see anymore United States Government support for Wall Street.  But, what does it say about Democrats when their first choice is overwhelmingly funded by Wall Street and her husband was the Democratic president who cooperated with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1934 in 1999.  That Act had kept our country safe from nightmare scenarios like the Great Depression of the 1930s and our current corruption ridden Mortgage Meltdown of 2008 for 80 years.  The Democrats and the Republicans repealed the law that kept stockbrokers from merging with bankers that had American taxpayer insured private bank accounts.  They did not replace it with any new Act for regulation.  The statutes were all still fine, but the regulators were all fired.  Can anyone say "fox in the chicken coop"?

They just left the banking and investment industries with NO regulation at all.  They did this in 1999.  

From 1934 to 1999 there was no event that hurt this country like the Great Depression.  For 65 years our bankers and stockbrokers were bound to laws that made sense and our government repealed it in order to make the banker/stockbrokers happy.  65 years of stability thrown out in 1999.  Nine Years later our banking and securities industries brought the economies of the world to their knees.  We shut down the Russian stock market for seven days.  (See my article about Glass-Steagall (and other subjects) HERE.

Following is a list of Hillary's top campaign donors or their Super Pac proxies.  It was compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

This table lists the top donors to this candidate in 1999-2016. The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations' PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals' immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

Bill Clinton is soft pedaling Hillary's abominable relationships with Wall Street.  She appears to me to be more Republican than Republicans.  But, I am not clear if Donald Trump is more Republican than Hillary, or if he is more Democrat than Bernie Sanders.

Bill Clinton is out on the old campaign trail defending Hillary's connections.  This is from the President that helped both parties gut Glass-Steagall.

I am reblogging this article from  the "Justice league Blog" and my version is sort of about Bill and Hillary out on the old campaign trail trying to explain it all away and scaring me to death.

Sorry Bill, but Hillary's donations from Wall Street and her plan for Wall Street as President is very questionable. Both political parties have right to question and challenge Hillary. Bernie and Martin should not get her pass because they are all from the same party. And that goes for any issues. All Presidential candidates from both parties should challenge one another on issues that matters in this country.

Justice League Blog:

Bill Clinton Defends Hillary’s Wall Street Ties

Posted on November 16, 2015

Sorry Bill, but Hillary’s donations from Wall Street and her plan for Wall Street as President are very questionable. Both political parties have right to question and challenge Hillary. Bernie and Martin should not get her pass because they are all from the same party. And that goes for any issues. All Presidential candidates from both parties should challenge one another on issues that matters in this country.  And her stance of not wanting to reinstate Glass-Steagall bill, the same bill that Bill Clinton repealed, is not helping Hillary to win voters over that she is a trustworthy President that will go after Wall Street execs on their financial crimes…

Bloomberg:  Former President Bill Clinton insisted Sunday that his wife doesn’t deserve to be attacked by her fellow Democratic candidates for her relationship with Wall Street as opponents on both sides of the aisle jump to attack her defense those ties.

“It is a stretch. Those of us who were there know that,” he told reporters gathered on the rope line after Hillary Clinton spoke Sunday at the Central Iowa Democrats Fall Barbecue on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames.

Her husband didn’t respond to questions about those comments, but her opponents didn’t let up on their jabs Sunday, arguing that she went too far in invoking the terror attacks to justify her ties to Wall Street.

Speaking at the same barbecue, O’Malley, who on Saturday night called the comments a “gaffe,” said Clinton “sadly invoked 9/11 to try to mask” the influence that Wall Street has had on her. “But she doesn’t have to mask it. It is what it is,” he said. “That is the sort of economy, that is the sort of economic advice that she would follow.”

After his remarks, O’Malley was asked whether Clinton should apologize for her 9/11 comments.

“My guess is she probably regrets it,” O’Malley responded, adding that Clinton’s debate answer was a “very distasteful way trying to pump out a smoke screen for her coziness for the big banks of Wall Street by invoking the tragedy of 9/11 and those attacks especially so fresh after so many were murdered in Paris.”

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